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Below follows a short description of the NSC systems that are available through SNIC allocations.


Triolith ( is a capability cluster with a total of 24320 cores and a peak performance of 428 Tflops/s. It is equipped with a high performance interconnect for parallel applications. The operating system is CentOS 6.x x86_64. Each of the 1520 HP SL230s compute servers is equipped with two Intel E5-2660 (2.2 GHz Sandybridge) processors with 8 cores each (i.e. 16 cores per compute server). 56 of the compute servers have 128 GiB memory each and the remaining 1464 have 32 GiB each. The fast interconnect is Infiniband from Mellanox (FDR IB, 56 Gb/s) in a 2:1 blocking configuration.

In the autumn of 2013, the system moved to a new building and the expansion to the size described above was completed in Q3 2013.

Hardware summary 

Processor IntelĀ® E5-2660 16 Core Processor (Sandybridge) 2.2 GHz
Interconnect Mellanox (FBR IB, 56 Gb/s) in a 2:1 blocking configuration
Node memory  32 GiB on 1464 of the compute servers, 128 GiB on 56 of the compute servers

Software summary


Operating System:

CentOS 6.x 64-bit Linux

Resource Manager:





Intel compiler collection
icc and ifort

Math library:

Intel Math Kernel Library
Cluster Edition


IntelMPI Messag-passing interface library

OpenMPI A High Performance Message Passing Library


Centre storage at NSC

NSC has a ~60 TiB file system with backup and ~230 TiB without backup. Default disk space per user for storage during a SNAC project's allocation period, referred to as Permanent in the SNAC application form, is presented in the table below. Disc space above the default limit can be granted following a well motivated request by e-mail to Scratch disk refers to disk space available for running batch jobs, referred to as Temporary in the application form, and is erased between batch jobs.

Storage Category Triolith
Disk with backup 20 GiB
Disk without backup 250 GiB
Node local scratch disk 500 GiB  or
2 x 500 GiB per node

Please contact NSC to discuss your specific storage needs.

Mass storage

NSC offers a range of storage systems, from high performance disk arrays to archival tape storage, reachable through various interfaces, including grid access. Please contact NSC to discuss your specific storage needs.


For more information regarding the systems and available software on the systems, visit the NSC web pages at and especially the user guides and system descriptions.

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