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SNIC GPU Pilot project - Clusters "Erik" at Lunarc and "Zorn" at PDC available


The GPU clusters "Erik" at Lunarc and "Zorn" at PDC are parts of the SNIC GPU Pilot project. Zorn has been available since early 2012. Erik is available since January 2013*. At all centers, the appointed support/application experts included in the GPU-pilot project will promote the resources. They will also act as reference persons with regards to his or her particular field of expertise with regards to GPU-computing.

Support/application experts are


More information can be found here:


Proposals can be submitted anytime through the same interface as for the regular SNAC medium size projects, i.e. through the SUPR system


However, since these are pilot resources, we expect more information from the PI about technical details in the proposal.

At the centers hosting the resources, the SNAC-working group representative will make the final decision on allocation of resources.



*The GPUs in Erik will be replaced by K20 cards once they are available (estimated March-April). After the upgrade, Erik will have 32 nodes with 68 Kepler K20 GPUs connected with a FDR infiniband network.

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