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The Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) has finished a Scientific Case for HPC in Europe for 2012-2020.


The report can be downloaded at

The primary objectives of the Scientific Case are to identify the scientific areas for which PRACE is an important Research Infrastructure and the key challenges within these areas, highlighting the crucial role that large-scale computer simulation is playing in many areas of science. In addition to identifying the potential outcomes in science and engineering to be addressed through PRACE petascale resources and the anticipated approach of exascale capabilities, the update focuses on the potential impact of computer simulations on the economy and society in general. This impact is quantified through the production of a roadmap of expected achievements in the next 5–8 years.

Five scientific areas are presented, each derived from the work of an associated panel of experts:

- Weather, Climatology and solid Earth Sciences
- Astrophysics, HEP and Plasma Physics
- Materials Science, Chemistry and Nanoscience
- Life Sciences and Medicine
- Engineering Sciences and Industrial Applications

The corresponding sections in the report are devoted to the description of a scientific roadmap, detailing the major challenges, the scientific and societal benefits through making progress towards their resolution, and the prerequisites for being able to tackle these challenges.

In pointing to the compelling need for a continued European commitment to exploit leadership class computers, the scientific panels have considered the infrastructure requirements that must underpin this commitment and present their considerations as part of the review of computational needs. This considers both the vital components of the computational infrastructure and the user support functions that must be provided to realise the full benefit of that infrastructure. This review has led to a set of key recommendations deemed vital in shaping the future provision of resources, recommendations that are justified in full in the report.

Swedish researchers that contributed to this Scientific Case are Colin Jones, Erik Lindahl, Kersti Hermansson and Philipp Schlatter.

Nov 22, 2012 15:31

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