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SweGrid - The Swedish GRID Initiative

SweGrid: e-Infrastructure for computing and storage

SweGrid forms the Swedish national grid initiative, providing services for computing and storage. Resources providing grid-services are hosted by the six participating  SNIC-centers.

SweGrid is a part of the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI), and as such SNIC participates in the EGI collaboration at many levels.

SweGrid is also the Swedish part of the Nordic grid-collaboration organised thought the Nordic Data Grid Facility (NDGF)

Part of the SweGrid resources makes up Swedens contribution to the WLCG: computational elements and storage for the Swedish part of the Nordic Tier1, organised through NDGF, and, computational elements and storage for the Swedish Tier2.

SweGrid is mostly funded by the Swedish research council (VR) partially via SNIC and partially with funds dedicated to the participation in the WLCG. Additional funding comes through the EGI-InSPIRE project.

About one third of the computing resources dedicated to Swegrid are reserved for high energy physics computation, with the remaining capacity to be granted on a peer-review basis to researchers in different disciplines by the Swedish National Allocations Committee (SNAC).


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