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SNIC Committees

Swedish National Allocations Committee (SNAC)

The Swedish National Allocations Committee (SNAC) has the task to prepare the calls for applications, prioritize applications and allocate SNIC resources, based on scientific quality, scientific need and technical feasibility of using the requested resources efficiently. As such, SNAC handles applications for access to SNIC resources

SNIC Partner Committee (PC)

The Partner Committee is composed of the SNIC Director and the Directors of the SNIC partner centers.

SNIC Technical Committee (TC)

The Technical Committee is composed of the SNIC Technical Coordinator, the Technical Directors of the SNIC affiliated centers and the project activity coordinators.

SNIC Operator Networking Committee (SONC)

SONC is formed by all system experts operating within SNIC.

SNIC Security Team (SIST)

SIST coordinates and supports the local IT security staff at the SNIC centres.

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