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SNAC - Swedish National Allocations Committee

The Swedish National Allocations Committee (SNAC) has the task to prepare the calls for applications, prioritize applications and allocate SNIC resources, based on scientific quality, scientific need and technical feasibility of using the requested resources efficiently. Policies and guidelines for application-based allocation of resources are established by SNIC, and reviewed by SNAC. The guidelines include the responsibilities for SNAC, the types of allocations, the principles for allocation, the eligibility criteria for applicants, the required application information, the organization of the evaluation and allocation procedures, reporting and dissemination. 

SNAC's policy and work for allocation of resources shall be in line with Vetenskapsr├ądets (VR) strategy and policies for grants for research and research infrastructure. Other conditions for the work of the SNAC are constituted by the agreement between Uppsala University and VR, possible agreements for national and international collaborations, and any practices for resource allocation and scheduling implemented by the SNIC partners that host the resources.

For each new allocation period, SNAC typically meets once to decide on large allocations of computing time. This is complemented by a number of phone meetings.

The SNAC members are listed here

SNAC is assisted by a Working Group that helps SNAC in the technical assessment of the proposals and assists in the administration of projects.

To apply for access to SNIC resources, visit the Apply for resources page.


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